The limits of outsourcing

April 6, 2018


Certain activities are best left to specialists. IT is one of them. It is the right move for most companies as it allows the organisation to focus on what they really want to do.


Take security for instance. A major issue in this day and age when computers are in almost everything we do. Do you prefer to have your firewall installed by someone who perhaps have never done it before and will probably not do it again in several years? or would it be best done by an engineer that does this day in, day out?


But not controlling what it is you are being sold can be as dangerous and expensive as having an installation done by a non-expert, and the whole process can quickly turn into an expensive nightmare. 


I am a fan of outsourcing, and of course, CIO on Demand UK is an outsourcing organisation, but control is key (and that is essentially at the core of the CIO on Demand UK offer).


It's important to avoid becoming a target from unscrupulous outsourcing companies that thrive on getting your business at a very cheap rate, and promote lack of accountability in house. Once they have your business, the charges start creeping up at a shocking rate, Outsourcing without having any internal control or understanding of what it is you are being charged is not a good move.


One of the things I see a lot in IT outsourcing contracts that take over an IT operation is that organisations transfer out the whole IT team, leaving nobody around that can understand what is going on and manage the contract, which is usually in the tens if not hundreds of thousands of pounds. 


Regaining control over those contracts, and keeping an eye on what is being charged can really make a difference. You can probably save thousands just by having someone at your end of the deal that can speak the language and can ask the right questions. 


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