Web is no longer a multi dimensional advert

Web is no longer a multi dimensional advert

March 20, 2018

In chatting with someone the other day ago about a client, we were discussing UX on web, mobile platforms, etc.


Many people still think there is a disconnect between web and their customers, as if their website is a multi dimensional advert they must have, but that it serves no other purpose, or at most, a contact form is offered. 


Even large organisations (some, not all) with millions of page views a month fail to grasp that engagement is more than just posting an advert or content without any further engagement by the viewer. The irony is not lost in me that my very own website is pretty much that, but the type of business customers I engage with would not benefit from having access to my back office applications in general.


It is my view that in this day and age, companies need to embrace web as the incredibly useful channel it is, starting with B2C organisations, where the customer should be able to engage, be open with their customers on the data the company holds about them (with the looming GDPR this would get you some brownie points in openness), and it might save you a bit of dosh on preparing a Subject Access Request (SAR) platform if you have many requests of that kind, as this could it would become your customer's self service SAR platform. 


And the conversation came originally from having a web platform and a separate mobile platform doing a slightly different  job than the web one, but ultimately, they aim at the same customer, so the experience should be similar. It became clear very quickly that this particular case was applying the concept of web engagement as one type and mobile separately. In my opinion, they are not.


Some organisations do this very well. Amazon for instance. You can purchase items on their website (and their app, and their home devices), and you can also consume all type of content they provide. The consuming part is not out for debate with Amazon, as they are probably the best at making you spend money, but what I think they are also great at is to give you good access to managing yourself in their environment. Order access, invoice requests, dispute resolution, returns, it's all there. They don't just sell stuff and when you need to return it for whatever reason you end up jumping hurdle after hurdle to get things sorted, you can (usually) resolve things yourself very quickly, and that is what we should all aim at. 


The concept is there, we have brilliant partners to help you with your journey if you need. 


Customers should reach your website from any device and have the experience they expected to have from you, and not read what they need to do and then go elsewhere to do it. 



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